"People love
the experience of shopping. Let's make sure it's a great one"

Retail is an ever changing and challenging environment, we all know this; therefore, the industry requires knowledge, experience and talent from the best candidates and that’s where our people come in.

A retail design job is a challenging position, there are a number of moving targets and creative ideas that continuously keep a campaign or project in an everchanging state. It’s never a thankless task however, seeing creations come to life and how they engage the consumer is the reward.

The agencies and brands that we work with need the right candidates with an personality to suit their business and at Grafta we try incredibly hard to make sure that all of our placements are successful and fruitful for everybody.

Having an open mind and one eye on the objective at all times, whilst keeping the client happy, means that you have to be a chameleon at times….who doesn’t have an alter ego?!

Our motivation is to place the right people in the right careers.

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